Life in the Golden City

Every 3rd Friday of the month join Kenzen Groove and Padawan
plus their friends for Life in the Golden City.
There’s no table charge and no entry fee.
Starts 21:00

Kenzen Groove と Padawanとその仲間たちによる
Life in the Golden City


Kenzen Groove

As well as organising many parties for the Comma label, Kenzen Groove – alongside DJs ULU (Tateyama) and bangi23 – was responsible for the launch of pirate radio station Radio Free Ambient centred in P-House Gallery. 
In 2017, excited by the digital crate digging opportunities that music subscription services were opening up, he switched to iPad DJing.
His heart is with the House, but he serves up great tracks across many genres as he happily shares his latest and greatest finds. 

97年、DJ Tateyama(ULU)、bangi23と恵比寿P-houseで海賊FM局Radio Free Ambientを立ち上げ。Commaレーベルで様々なパーティのオーガナイズに携わる。音楽サブスクに衝撃を受け2017年よりiPadでのDJ開始。ハウスを中心に掘りたての音をサーブする。



Apprentice and disciple of Kenzen Groove.
His energies flow between Alternative, Rock, Electronica and Ambient.
“May the Force be with U.”

Kenzen Grooveの弟子。
Alternative, Rock, Electronica, Ambient.
May the force be with u…